Everywhere Launcher PRO v0.97 [Latest]


Everywhere Launcher PRO

Everywhere Launcher – The new multi tasking sidebar experience. Apps, shortcuts, widgets, contacts = all this is available every where and only a single touch away. And all this wrapped in a material styled app.

Main features

→ Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets or folders to a sidebar
→ Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets to a folder inside a sidebar
→ Arbitrary number of handles (touchable regions, whose touch open a sidebar)
→ Many triggers (gestures) available (slide up/down/left/right,click, double click, long press) which will           open a sidebar
→ Enable multiple triggers per handle (for example, you can open”all apps” sidebar if you swipe right on a       handle and open “recent apps” if you slide down on the same handle)
→ Side pages with search functionality and predictive search(T9)
→ Action sidebar – a trigger on a handle will DIRECTLY start an action, it can’t be faster
→ Action folders – click the folder to open the first entry in the folder, swipe the folder to open the folder
→ Blacklist apps (you can disable this app in black listed apps)
→ All apps/contacts and recent apps sidebars/sidepage (recent apps work in Android >=5 as well!)
→ Icon packs support
→ Animations
→ Personalise the look & feel of the app => change colors, transparencies, sizes and much more
→ Personalise all sidebars and handles at once and override the default settings per sidebar and handle

Other features
→ Support of Palette Colors extracted from your current wallpaper
→ long press an icon in a sidebar to open a menu and show the app settings for example
→ style icons in sidebar => rename, change icons
→ different folder styles: stack, tile, action folder…
→ and many more… just try it out

→ freely position items on side pages and add widgets directly to side pages
&arr; better folder style on side pages
&arr; even more fancy animations


* List values could not always be selected when customising single sidebars-/pages
* Dialog notification and export: black theme colors fixed
* Export only works on android 4.4 or higher, so the app will inform you about this now instead of crashing
* Format of displaying counts in app changed from “#NUMBER” to “(NUMBER)”
* Long setting names (i.e. the ones for the folder settings) are now split into title and subtitle


Everywhere Launcher
Everywhere Launcher
Developer: Michael Flisar
Price: Free+
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  • Everywhere Launcher Screenshot
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  • Everywhere Launcher Screenshot
  • Everywhere Launcher Screenshot

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Everywhere Launcher PRO v0.97

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